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  1. Balang kala

  2. Porbi raoPasamanSumbar- недвижимость батуми.

    Gemi batumi odessa

  3. Odessa — Batumi Photo Days. Международный фестиваль.

  4. Вера Грузова - координатор выставки- .

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  5. منتخب البرازيل ضد بولندا ~ كرة اليد الشاطئية|2018

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    Hilton sky lounge batumi botanical garden

  7. Мимоза Стыдливая

  8. Mimosa Pudica (Batumi Botanical Garden)- .

    Antonis koshki in batumi

  9. rally in batumi

  10. - .

    Dinamo batumi dinamo tbilisi fc

  11. დინამო ბათუმი 1:2 დინამო თბილისი [მატჩის მიმოხილვა]

  12. დინამო ბათუმი 1:2 დინამო თბილისი [მატჩის მიმოხილვა]FC Dinamo Batumi 1:2 FC Dinamo Tbilisi [Highlights]- .

    Trabzon dan batumi turlar

  13. Bisikletle Trabzondan Giresuna yolculuk, bisiklet videoları

  14. Karadeniz sahil yolunda Trabzon (Akçaabat)dan Giresuna yaklaşık 100km bisiklet turu yaptık. İyi seyirler..- .

    Atrakcioni v batumi botanical garden

  15. Botanical Garden, Batumi

  16. The Batumi Botanical Garden is a 111 hectare area of land 9 km north of the city of Batumi, capital of Autonomous Republic of Adjara, Georgia. Located at the place called Mtsvane Kontskhi on the Black Sea shore, it is one of the largest botanical gardens in the former Soviet Union.The Batumi Botanical Garden was started by the Russian botanist Andrey Nikolayevich Krasnov (1862-1914), brother of General Pyotr Krasnov, in the 1880s and officially opened on November 3, 1912. He was aided by two skilled gardeners and decorators -- the French D'Alphonse and the Georgian Yason Gordeziani. Krasnov died in 1914 and was interred at the garden which still houses his grave and statue.Under the Soviet Union, the garden was further expanded and developed, since 1925, into a principal institution for the study of Caucasian maritime subtropical cultures.Currently, the garden consists of nine floristic sectors, those of Caucasian humid subtropics, East Asia, New Zealand, South America, the Himalayas, Mexico, Australia, and of the Mediterranean. The garden collection comprises 2037 taxonomic units of ligneous plants, including 104 of Caucasian origin.The Batumi Botanical Garden had formerly been operated by the Georgian Academy of Sciences. Since 2006, it is an independent institution.- .

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  17. Achievement is a Mind Game

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